Who killed Brian Jones?

Since his death in 1969, the cause of Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones’s demise
has stood as one of rock’s great mysteries.
Now it may finally be put to rest: Police in Sussex, England confirmed
they were reviewing the case, and sources say that Jones’s corpse may be exhumed in hopes
a modern forensic analysis will solve the mystery.

Jones was pronounced dead after he was found at the bottom of his pool. He was 27.
Police ruled the incident “death by misadventure,” claiming he had drowned
after a night of ingesting drugs and alcohol. The coroner’s report, however,
shows that he hadn’t taken any illegal drugs that night and that he had
about three drinks’ worth of alcohol in his blood.
The police interviewed only a handful of those present the night he died.

“The original police investigation was laughable,”
Sam Cutler, the Stones’ tour manager at the time, said.
“Brian Jones was murdered. Of this there is little doubt.”
Through the years a number of fingers have been pointed, mostly at a construction worker
named Frank Thorogood, the last to see Jones alive. Another mentioned is Tom Keylock,
the band’s security guard. Both men are dead.

Trevor Hobley, who manages the Brian Jones fan club, spent seven years
looking into the case. “Brian Jones is the silent witness to what happened,”
says Hobley.
“And distasteful as it is to some to have him exhumed, I think it’s the only way
we’ll ever be able to answer the question of what happened.”

Brian Jones
Brian Jones



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