Fergie focuses on her solo career

Fergie /Black Eyed Peas

The lead singer of Black Eyed Peas has decided to put a stop to his music career
and concentrate solely on her husband who is unable to share their marriage work commitments.

According to the website collects, the American singer was thinking of giving her husband a child.
Likewise, the remaining members have decided to take a break to focus on their own musical projects.
For example, William launched his new album soon.
“I expected this album for a long time to bring it to the gym.
He is a genius with the lyrics, and I’m very happy with his personal project, “said Fergie.
For the moment do not know the date on which the Black Eyed Peas will be together again.


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Lil Wayne Stopped, Searched By Federal Agents

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne was greeted by federal agents upon landing at a Miami airport this week,
stopping him and searching him after he got off the plane.

According got TMZ, law enforcement sources revealed that multiple agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency
performed a contraband search on Wayne, who is currently on felony probation stemming from incidents involving drugs and guns.
However, they didn’t find a thing on him, and let him go on his way without incident.

Unless Weezy was on a private jet, why would he be carrying any drugs?
Since being released from prison last November, word is the rapper is staying completely sober,
as one of the requirements of his probation


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Taylor Swift became a geisha (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift became a geisha

The successful country singer Taylor Swift swept Asia.
Between presentations, awards and devotion from their fans, the star also took time to dress as a geisha.

Taylor decided to share with fans what it was this experience for her and went up to his channel on youtube a video
that shows a summary of this trip.

Among the details that highlight, in addition to seeing some of the places he visited,
excerpts from her on stage and his contact with the public, is also the particular process of how Swift became a geisha.

The photo shows the end result, but Taylor decided to make all the change.


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